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Over 35 Years of Service to the Greater Buffalo Region

Established in 1986, Empire Truck and Trailer Service offers full-service heavy-duty tractor and trailer, medium and light-duty repair. Since the beginning, our locally owned and family-operated firm has strived to provide the best service to our customers while ensuring to maintain consistent quality performance. Empire Truck has been able to offer a commitment to our customer base that is centered on our strength as an independent repair facility, which allows us to place customers first. Our staff is fully trained and offers an incredible level of experience that grows with each passing year at our facility. The strength of our technicians allows our company the option of offering specialized services within the heavy equipment repair industry.

Please take this opportunity to explore our firm and understand better how we can serve your company. Please do not hesitate to contact our team to gain more insight and details into our company.


Minor Repairs

Major Repairs

Engine Overhauls